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Participant testimonials on OutFit Training programs and Learnings

“Very concise program, planned with a purpose and highly useful for self-realization.”
Sulakshana Patankar- VP Ops WNS Global Services.

“Working as a team without preconceived notions ensures successful achievement of team goals.
“A well-organized program with a lesson to be learnt from each event.” Andre Silveira- WNS Global Service
"Trust people as they have a reason to feel / say things the way they do.”
Kavita Kulkarni- WNS global services

“OUTFIT is wonderful organization doing a great job.
I feel all the members of the organization work here more due to their inclination / liking than any other reason.”
Kausthub Chaporkar- C-DAC
“No time wasting, action oriented, clarity in communication and tough in decision making. Very innovative activities.”
Anoop Bansal- C-DAC
“Learnt how to synchronize with others, cooperate, overcome handicaps, work with limited (given) resources and still deliver results on time.” Learnt to work in teams having team members with different potential.”
Sanjay Kadam- C-DAC

“OUTFIT is an organization, which cares for the need and requirements of the customer.”
V G Dongre, Thyssen Krupp
“Well organized program. Learnt many new things.”
D D Wanjale- DGM Thyssen Krupp
“Fast paced yet relaxed timetable of activities. Not too strenuous. Explanations and directions were given clearly. Continuous watch and guidance was kept.”
S N Kalkar- Thyssen Krupp
“Learnt importance of personal and team performance to achieve desired goals. Going out of the way to help others for broader interests. One needs to be adventurous and willing to try out unexplored territories.”
Anmol Mudholkar- Thyssen Krupp


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