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Every member of an organisation can participate. We offer workshops for senior, middle and junior managers and for non-managerial staff as well. Our modules are ideal to be incorporated into induction programs for new recruits into a company.

Range Of Activities During Training:
Sand Model
Programmes at OUT-FIT are designed to provide challenges and expose participants to risks under controlled environment. This increases their self confidence and leads to value addition to the team. From a self-focus the member now shifts to thinking laterally, learning to listen, express and share ideas of others and debating them without fear. Planning and execution of tasks is now a team effort with every member playing his/her role effortlessly. Groups now learn to accomplish targets and goals which seemed too tough earlier.

As the group members proceed towards the solution smoothly they are motivated by their own success and this success inspires them to reach higher goals. Success is the most important part and motivating participants to meet higher levels of success is our specialty. Some of the activities to achieve these objectives are:

  • Mountain / Rock Face Activities like rappelling and valley crossing
  • Trekking /Treasure hunt
  • Group tasks with Ground Obstacles
  • Group tasks with Water Based Obstacles
  • Individual / Group Activities needing innovative solutions

All these activities have built in conceptual inputs. Our facilitators monitor the participants from close quarters and provide direction during the execution. We conduct detailed review sessions after the activity to highlight the underlying management thought. It is through these reviews that the participants learn the most. These trainings also help develop Business Sensitivity and Responsiveness in the organizations.

Safety in CEO's hand
We at OUT-FIT ensure the physical safety of the participants and operate within the limit of subjective danger. All activities are supervised by trained and experienced staff.

We have para-medics and basic medicines to take care of immediate medical emergencies.

Horizontal and Vertical Communications Ropes and Tricks Trust the Team

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